A Leader in Linux

A Leader in Linux

In every family of Operating System, there is a market leader, normally it is the most recent version. In Windows because of Enterprise, Windows XP is the most used but creeping straight on its tail is Windows 7 (the latest version). With Mac you have Snow Leopard and so on.

Linux however is very different as there is more than one Operating System and many different companies supporting these operating systems.

You can’t pick an individual Linux OS because many of them all have a similar amount of people using them.

My personal opinion in which Operating System will become the closet to being the leader is an Ubuntu related distribution. This is based upon the fact that already it had a stable nunber of people. This will continue.a building community as more of the stable numbers are adding to the project by contributing and offering their skills.

The ‘Canonical’ Factor my next topic. Canonical sell support for Ubuntu, Money raised from this is put back into Ubuntu in one way or another such as hiring developers and putting Money into the Ubuntu Foundation, a company designed to be not for profit that will support Ubuntu if Canonical chooses not to continue developing Ubuntu.

Canonical support beats that of other distributions such as PCLinuxOS which has no corporate backing whereas other OS’s such as SUSE and OpenSUSE have Novell which provides an excellent backing for long term support and development.

For the future term, I can see Android taking a majority lead with maybe even a desktop version. This is thanks to support from Google, Motorola, HTC and more.

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