You may have recently noticed the addition of a small orange box on the right of page saying ‘Donate’. This box has been added as the costs of keeping the Website online are very high. Any money received from this Donate button will keep the website you are looking at right now alive.

It helps to pay the costs of the Website hosting. By donating we will advertise your website in a supporters page as this website gets over 50 hits a day. If you don’t want your money to go towards the hosting then we will put it towards a future project of your choice. If you want to put your money in a Team Fortress 2 server or another Game server sure we will be willing to use the money to buy one. Money goes to where you want it, as this community is your community. If you are interested in keeping the site alive click the button below or click the button on the right which say on them Donate.

You do not need a PayPal account to donate to MattsTechUK just click use your Credit Card or Bank Account at the bottom of the page.  We do not give out refunds!

Thankyou for your continuing Support of the website.


About the Author

I am Matt the creator of MattsTechUK, I am a Minecrafter, Tech Lover, IRC Addict.