Review: Colloquy for iOS

So when I got my new iPad of christmas my first app that I wanted to install was an IRC Client. I had used many of the free available IRC Clients on iOS previously with my iPod Touch. These include a number of known titles such as MyIRC, MangoIRC and many more.

So I was recommended by a member of this community to use Colloquy when I bought it I think it cost £1.69 and it downloaded pretty quickly. Setup was mildly simple with connecting to the network easy and the great list of networks which came preinstalled. I saw some of the more popular ones such as GeekShed, freenode and Espernet listed.

Once connecting any private message you got or message from the server would be brought out in its own dialog tab. I found this quite useful and this would be especially useful if you are trying to manage a channel from one of these devices no matter how unlikely it is.

Another great feature of this was the use of different symbols to show different rank between user. Such as those with white backgrounds would have no rank, blue for voiced users, orange for halfops, red for ops, blue for superops, green for founders and purple for server opers. This was very useful and made it easier to distinguish the different ranks.

One of very few downsides to this was the AFK Disconnect. After 10minutes of inactivity And you will automatically be disconnected from all networks. However if you have your sounds turned on you are in luck as this will notify you with a sound when you have 1 minute before disconnection.

Again I found another flaw but why this would matter is beyond me, you cannot use normally IRC bouncers with this application the only form of BNC you can use is version of Colloquy running on Mac.

So was this worth my £1.69, well I must say it defiantly was as it out performed all the other free IRC Clients such as MangoIRC. It out performed other clients both in looks and in use ability and features.

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I am Matt the creator of MattsTechUK, I am a Minecrafter, Tech Lover, IRC Addict.