What to Expect in 2012

I was thinking about new video ideas and things that could be done in the future. This caused me to have the idea about what worked before which I haven’t tried in a while the answer, Linux. This amazing family of operating systems is my main root of video making. So what you can expect from me in the future is install guides, reviews, overviews, and more all about Linux.

This is because Linux tended to be what made me popular on my original YouTube account, now with nearly 100 videos, I need something that will make my views dramatically rise.

Some distros I have tried out lately and quite like include the likes of Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Mageia, OpenSUSE and many more. I plan to make many videos on these and also plan to do a video on SUSE studio which I will do a video on and host the end result on my website for people to download and try for themselves.

I will not leave Windows completely as I will still offer some software and tips and tricks videos for people to use. This is so I can try and appeal to a wide audience and still target specific groups successfully.

So there is a hint of what to expect on the video front in 2012. :)

About Matt

I am Matt the creator of MattsTech.co.uk. MattsTechUK, I am a Minecrafter, Tech Lover, IRC Addict.